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Dwie es ist
  • Adjektiv
    1. IDI (of an object) as it is; its present state or condition, especially as a contractual condition of sale.
      1. I bought the car as is, so the seller was within his legal rights to refuse to repair it when it broke down after two days.
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      • However the present samples lack any features to guide alignment, as is the case with graphoepitaxy, which assists in significantly lowering the observed defect density.
      • In English, the third person consists of pronouns such as he, she, it, and they, verbs such as is and has, and most nouns.
      • In the RPE-choroid there was evidence of wound response in both macular and extramacular regions, whereas in the retina the region of response was limited to the macula, as is the primary visual loss.
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      • As is self-evident given its name, humanity is a suscept for HIV.

Meaning of as is for the defined word.

Grammatisch, dieses idiom "as is" ist ein adjektive, genauer gesagt, ein unver adjektive.
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    1. Adjektive
      • Unver Adjektive
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