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DKapazität WKapazität
  • Kapazität (von lateinisch capacitas „Fassungsvermögen“) steht für:
  • Elektrische Kapazität (Physik), Maß für die Fähigkeit eines Körpers oder Systems,
  • Kondensator als umgangssprachliches Synonym für das elektrische Bauelement
  • SubstantivPLcapacitiesSUF-ity
    1. The ability to hold, receive or absorb.
      1. A measure of such ability; volume.
        1. The maximum amount that can be held.
          1. It was hauling a capacity load.
          2. The orchestra played to a capacity crowd.
        2. Capability; the ability to perform some task.
          1. The maximum that can be produced.
            1. Mental ability; the power to learn.
              1. A faculty; the potential for growth and development.
                1. A role; the position in which one functions.
                  1. Legal authority (to make an arrest for example).
                    1. Electrical capacitance.
                      1. (operations) The maximum that can be produced on a machine or in a facility or group.
                        1. Its capacity rating was 150 tons per hour, but its actual maximum capacity was 200 tons per hour.
                    2. Adjektiv
                      1. Filling the allotted space.
                        1. There will be a capacity crowd at Busch stadium for the sixth game.
                    3. Mehr Beispiele
                      1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
                        • The capacity of the Neanderthal skull was 10% larger than that of modern humans.
                        • Our experiments re-confirmed that mosses and lichens functioned better than PCs by decreasing soil buck density, increasing water holding capacity and infiltrability.
                        • However, those approaches are hindered by low cell yield, limited plasticity, and differentiation capacity following prolongated expansion in vitro [ 24 ].
                      2. In der Endung des Satzes verwendet
                        • The latest model has run up against the limits of its technical capacity.
                        • The socialists all seemed to me to be old, even those who were anagraphically young, and to be lacking in revolutionary capacity.
                        • Although neutrophils play a crucial role in fighting acute infections and clearing pathogens, these cells also contribute to tissue immunopathology due to their histotoxic capacity.

                    Meaning of capacity for the defined word.

                    Grammatisch, dieses wort "capacity" ist ein adjektive. Es ist auch ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein zählbare nomen.
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                      1. Adjektive
                        • Substantive
                          • Zählbare Nomen
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