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    1. John Lennon was a very influential person in music, as well as in politics, fashion and general culture.
    2. As in much of biology, the most satisfying truths in ecology derive from manipulative experimentation. Tinker with nature and quantify how it responds.
    3. They combine expansive formats and miniaturistic detail, as in Elvis Road, a panoramic, bird's-eye view of a busy city street delineated with sharp pencils on a single page measuring 1 by 30 feet.
    4. The truth is, no regulatory structure —— be it a single regulator as in Britain or the multiregulator system we have in the United States ——— performed well in the crisis.
    5. politically correct green (as in vegetation) nimbies (may object to nuclear power plants, polluting factories, etc.)
    6. socially conservative brown (as in shirts) nimbies (may object to the building of jails, prisons, housing for ex-convicts, drinking or adult entertainment establishments)
    7. fiscally conservative green (as in money) nimbies (may object to the building of anything which may decrease preexisting property values)
    8. Specimen 1912VIII64 was opisthocoelous, pleurocoelous, and caudally wider than tall, as in Epachthosaurus and Pellegrinisaurus (15), and may pertain to Paralititan.
    9. The most common numerals in Latin, as in English, are the "cardinals"...and the "ordinals"... — F. M. Wheelock, Wheelock’s Latin, 6th ed. revised (2005), p97
    10. For in the Church of God sometimes it cometh to pass as in over-battle grounds, the fertile disposition whereof is good. ― Hooker.
    11. In that book as in this one, Horwitz assumes the pose of a baby-boomer Everyman, overschooled but undereducated.
    12. To the end he denied that he was homosexual; his writings are pansexual, finding carnal ripeness in the soul, in nature, as well as in men and women.
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