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    1. What we look for in genre writing, Mr. Updike suggested, is exactly what the critics sometimes complain about; the predictableness of a formula successfully executed.
    2. A few days after Bailey's success, on June 16, in Boston, Dr. Dwight Harken successfully performed his first valvulotomy for mitral stenosis.
    3. The damaged submarine came up successfully, but was incapable of resubmerging and was captured on the surface.
    4. This optimized P145-ST reaction was applied successfully for α(2,6)-sialylation of asialofetuin, and this resulted in a large increase in the populations of multi-sialylated N-glycans compared with the reaction without addition of AP and CMP-Neu5Ac.
    5. BMSCs have been autologously transplanted to treat diabetes mellitus by successfully restoring injured organs; however, few studies have reported the use of BMSCs for bone repair in diabetes mellitus.
    6. In this study, we successfully achieved indigo production from indole by AS and bioaugmented AS, and the associated microbial communities were revealed by Illumina MiSeq sequencing technology.
    7. Polystyrene (PS) macroporous resin has also been used to immobilize the lipase from Burkholderia cepacia, and this resin has been successfully demonstrated to enhance lipase activity together with bioimprinting and interfacial activation[21 ].
    8. Continuously rated machines shall be required to commutate successfully momentary loads of 150% of the Amperes corresponding to the continuous rating keeping the rheostat set for rated load excitation.
    9. Treatment with hypofractionation has been successfully carried out for a variety of tumors which can provide treatment for a larger number of patients compared to conventional photons over the same period of time.
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